Chicago Bears running back leaves Bears, signs with the Browns

So long, D'Onta Foreman. Best of luck in Cleveland!

Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports / Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears' running back room gets a bit smaller, as they lose D'Onta Foreman to the Cleveland Browns.

While only on the Bears for a season, D'Onta Foreman was a relatively productive back in 2023. Appearing in nine games, Foreman had 109 carries for 425 yards and four touchdowns. As a rotational back, Foreman was a nice piece of the Bears' rushing attack that ranked near the top of the league.

The only team who had more rushing yards than the Bears (2,399 rushing yards) was the Ravens who accumulated 2,661 rushing yards in 2023.

With Foreman joining a deep room in Cleveland, the Chicago Bears can immediately utilize their freshly signed D'Andre Swift. The Bears' rotation will include D'Andre Swift, Khalil Herbert, Roschon Johnson (or RB1schon if you've been following me long enough), and Travis Homer.

D'Onta Foreman leaves Chicago Bears, signs with Browns

This upcoming NFL Draft class isn't as deep at running back as it was in last year's class, and with the limited picks the Bears have currently, it's likely that they're rolling with the three into this season. Though their rushing attack might not be the same due to Justin Fields' departure, the increase in passing should equal out that loss.

D'Onta Foreman wasn't a lead back for the Chicago Bears, but he was certainly useful in the Bears' rushing attack last season. Best of luck to the former Chicago Bears running back, D'Onta Foreman, for the rest of his career. Bear for life.

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