Ryan Clark points out an obvious flaw in recent Justin Fields trade rumors

The man has a very good point... can we all take a breath, maybe?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

For the first couple of days during the NFL's free agency frenzy, many Chicago Bears fans have been asking the question:

Why hasn't Justin Fields been traded yet?

Furthermore, we've seen rumor after rumor in regards to Fields' trade market, or lack of a market, for that matter. We've heard things like, "the Bears aren't shopping Fields yet" and "there is no market for Fields right now."

Regardless of what fans might think or what's being reported, there is, in fact, one big elephant in the room right now. And, it seems far too obvious. On ESPN's Get Up, we heard a former player and a well-respected analyst go off on a bit of a rant Wednesday morning.

Former NFL player and current analyst Ryan Clark gave Bears fans a dose of reality

"I don't know why everybody can't see the big elephant! What if they ain't gonna draft Caleb Williams at all?" Clark began.

"Has anybody called Caleb Williams and said, 'Hey Caleb Williams, the Chicago Bears are drafting you number one overall. Are you ready to come to Chicago?'

"What if Justin Fields is going to be the only first-round quarterback in the room? What if Justin Fields is going to be the starter, and they aren't going to draft a quarterback, and they're going to trade away the number one pick?" Clark asked.

Clark finished by stating something so painfully obvious that every fan should be paying more attention to:

"Maybe, Justin ain't been traded because they don't want to trade him!"

More and more people seem to be wondering whether or not the Bears could end up drafting Caleb Williams all while keeping Fields on the roster, and while that's also a possibility, it could also be a detriment to the locker room.

Keeping two high-profile quarterbacks on the same roster, in the same locker room, may be a bigger distraction than anything. So, what if the Bears are, in fact, committed to Fields? What if all of these rumors are, indeed, just rumors?

Some Bears fans have pointed out the fact that general manager Ryan Poles historically operates in silence, and I have to give those fans credit. They are right.

The possibility of Chicago keeping Fields and continuing to build around him seems to be forgotten by everyone at this very moment, but Clark is spot on. Nothing has happened yet.

Nothing has happened.

All possibilities are completely, wide open. No one knows what's going to happen. And, if the Bears truly haven't been shopping Fields at this point, that would explain the whole "trade market is quiet" narrative. Maybe the trade market is quiet because there have been zero trade talks to this point.

But no, we don't want to consider that possibility. It's all been a foregone conclusion that the Bears are going to trade Fields and draft Williams.

I'm standing here holding my hand high. I'm guilty. But you know what? That's what the offseason does.

Clark is simply giving us a dose of reality, and if we were smart, we would all take a step back and realize, maybe this guy is right. Let's all wait and see. It's as simple as that.