Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears could anger fans at the 2023 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Chicago Bears, Bijan Robinson
Chicago Bears, Bijan Robinson / Aaron E. Martinez/Austin

The Chicago Bears could go true best player available ("BPA")

My biggest concern now is that Ryan Poles might have a different team-building method than we all thought. After all, he did not draft Justin Fields. I believe Poles when he claims that he sees Fields as the Bear's starter throughout this build. A GM and coach are supposed to build the team around their best players rather than their vision or scheme. That never happens, regardless of what anybody says. These front offices always build teams based on the view they have in their mind. I am all for it because it ultimately is their team.

Front offices must build teams based on how they feel best for them. The Chicago Bears didn't spend on tackles in free agency, and they shouldn't have at those prices. Mike McGlinchey graded only a few points higher than Larry Borom in twice as many snaps. That's not good. I wouldn't have paid him that much either.

I have some high grades on players in this draft class on the offensive line. However, I believe Poles isn't going to draft any of them. I think he will stick to the pure best player in his eyes for his draft selection. Not the best player available, best scheme fit, or positional need. I believe Ryan Poles will grab the best football player on the board, which he feels will improve the team. I also believe he will trade down in the first round despite (past) thinking he could stay at nine. Those players could be:

  • Bijan Robinson
  • Jaxon Smith-Njigba
  • Peter Skoronski
  • Calijah Kancey
  • Brian Branch
  • Lukas Van Ness
  • Myles Murphy