Early return not looking good for Chicago Bears and Ryan Poles

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles
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Chicago Bears, Kyler Gordon
Chicago Bears, Kyler Gordon / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

A look at the Chicago Bears 2022 NFL Draft picks

It is too early to call a second-year player a bust, but that's not what I'm doing here. Instead, we are looking at each player and coming up with a level of concern.

Kyler Gordon, CB (2nd Round)

We haven't seen Kyler Gordon due to an early hand injury that will keep him out for at least four games. The soonest he will be back is in Week 6 vs. the Minnesota Vikings. Gordon had a rough start to his rookie year but was learning two positions (outside corner and nickel). This offseason he seemed to have settled into the nickel spot. We need to see him actually play before I become concerned and continue my George Pickens should have been selected campaign.

Jaquan Brisker, S (2nd Round)

Brisker had a better rookie season than the start of his sophomore season. He doesn't seem to be able to remain healthy, even if it's him coming out for only a few plays per game. I'm still high on Brisker though and not concerned about him.

Velus Jones, WR (3rd Round)

What do you want me to say about Velus Jones? He is already a bust. I know I said I wouldn't use that word but I lied.

Braxton Jones, OT (5th Round)

It's frustrating to see Braxton Jones go down with a neck injury. He could return in three weeks or he could be done for the season. He struggled with some awful penalties, but he's been very good otherwise. Already a win for me coming out of the fifth round.

Dominique Robinson, DE (5th Round)

If you have read my work before, I think you know how I feel about Dominique Robinson. Keeping him on the active roster and letting Trevis Gipson and Terrell Lewis go still makes zero sense to me. Robinson cannot contain on the edge and if I was Eberflus I'd bench him.

The rest of the 2022 NFL Draft

There is still some upside for players like Doug Kramer and Ja'Tyre Carter. Punter, Trenton Gill has been fantastic for a seventh-round pick. The others are meh or no longer around.

This draft isn't looking great to this point, but the jury is still out on a few too. We shall see I guess.