5 salary cap decisions Chicago Bears will have to make in 2024

The Bears already have a good amount of cap space, but that number could rise.

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Cut or restructure Eddie Jackson?

Speaking of a guy who loves Chicago, Eddie Jackson stole our hearts from Day 1. The fans fell in love with Jackson as a rookie when he came in and set the league on fire with five takeaways and two defensive touchdowns back in 2017.

Jackson would go on to intercept six passes, force two fumbles, recover a fumble and score three defensive touchdowns in Year 2, paving the way to become one of the best safeties in the league. That second season saw Jackson not only get voted to the Pro Bowl, but finish as an All Pro.

The Alabama product earned himself a fat contract extension. And then, it all went downhill.

At this stage in his career, Jackson's play has fallen off quite a bit. His tackling has been more suspect than ever. He gets beat in coverage, especially if the play goes behind him. The Bears should seriously consider moving on from Jackson this offseason, and these are the numbers when it comes to the two viable options.

Cut Pre-June 1: $12.5 million savings

Restructure: $6.5 million savings

Restructuring Jackson's deal is definitely an option, but only if Matt Eberflus sees no other possibility at the position. Jaquan Brisker is coming up as one of the better safeties in football, and needs an equal counterpart. Jackson is tailing off, and while a great defense can mask some of his inconsistencies at times, I think the Bears are better off finding a replacement for the long haul.