Best quarterbacks Bears will face in 2024, and how to beat them

Which QBs will require the most attention from this Bears defense?
Chicago Bears, Jordan Love
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Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

The Bears went 1-1 against Jared Goff and the Lions last season, but Goff was far from perfect in both games. In fact, Chicago would have come away 2-0 had it not been for a 17-point fourth quarter by the Lions in their win. In those two games, the Bears sacked Goff six times and forced him to throw a total of five interceptions.

It might seem like a bit of an easy out to say the Bears just need to pressure Goff, but that's exactly what they need to do. Per Pro Football Focus, Goff had the sixth-highest turnover-worthy play rate in 2023 when under pressure (5.7 percent). If the Bears pressure him, they will have a very good shot at winning the game.

How to beat Goff: Pressure, pressure and more pressure

Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Arizona's defense was wildly inconsistent last season, but at times played much better than it had any business playing. For the most part, when Kyler Murray was healthy, the Cardinals went as he went. There wasn't any way Arizona stood a chance because of any other single player.

In Murray's last three losses in 2023, the winning teams sacked him a minimum three times per game. Oddly enough, Murray's top two rushing games of the 2023 campaign came in losses, when he rushed for 49 and 51 yards in losses to the 49ers and Texans. This also seems to be an easy answer of, "pressure Kyler, and the Bears will win."

The wildcard, now, is the fact that the Bears will have to contend with the draft's top wide receiver in Marvin Harrison Jr. Will Arizona be a different beast with Harrison on the field?

How to beat Murray: Make him run