Best quarterbacks Bears will face in 2024, and how to beat them

Which QBs will require the most attention from this Bears defense?
Chicago Bears, Jordan Love
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C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans

When looking specifically at C.J. Stroud and his performances in Texans losses last season, you'd think there would be a correlation between losses and interceptions, or at least turnovers on Stroud's part. But, the problem with that idea is that Stroud is extremely careful with the football. In six losses last season, Stroud threw a total of zero interceptions.

Try again.

The one correlation, though, does come when teams are able to sack Stroud. In those six losses, Stroud was sacked 21 times. In four of those losses, he was taken down at least four times. There's the correlation. There's the easy answer, yet again.

Stroud is an efficient passer and a great decision-maker. There's no other way to spin it. The Bears absolutely must get to Stroud, and not just get in his face, but bring him to the ground. The Texans have to be forced into third-and-long situations, or they likely won't lose the game.

How to beat Stroud: Put him in third-and-long situations