Best quarterbacks Bears will face in 2024, and how to beat them

Which QBs will require the most attention from this Bears defense?
Chicago Bears, Jordan Love
Chicago Bears, Jordan Love / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers

In eight losses last year, Jordan Love threw it an average of 35.1 times per game. Now, at first glance, he threw it an average of 33 times in wins. A difference of two passes per game might not seem like much. But, consider that 10 of Love's 11 interceptions came in losses.

You want to pin losses on one player? That's typically tough to do on a one-game basis, but looking at the larger sample size, it's hard to argue with Love turning the ball over 10 times in eight losses versus just once in nine wins. When Green Bay lost four in a row earlier in the season, Love threw seven interceptions in that stretch. That was before things started clicking, sure, but the latter half of the year, Love either threw a minimum of two picks or was sacked multiple times in three separate losses.

The Packers were one of the better teams on third down last season, so merely putting the Packers in third-and-long isn't going to cut it. You have to force Love to make bad decisions, and then capitalize on them. Chicago wasn't always good at doing the latter part of that equation last year, thus some painful one-score games that resulted in a loss.

How to beat Love: Force turnovers, win the points-off-turnovers battle