Chicago Bears Countdown to Kickoff: 76 Days with Steve McMichael

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Steve McMichael's ventures after his Chicago Bears days

By his retirement, McMichael had totaled 171 starts in 213 games, logged 95 sacks, 847 total tackles, and even two interceptions. The vast majority of these numbers came with the Chicago Bears, and even today, McMichael is high up on many franchise records. Most notably, McMichael is second in franchise sacks with 92.5, surpassed only by his former running mate Richard Dent.

Since he retired from the NFL, McMichael has stayed relatively involved in sports, entertainment, and the greater Chicagoland community. Almost immediately following McMichael's retirement, the former multi-sport athlete became involved in the world of wrestling, specifically by participating in the World Wrestling Federation and the World Championship Wrestling.

During his time in wrestling, McMichael was a relatively big name in the scene and had storylines and bouts with famous ex-NFL wrestlers such as Lawrence Taylor and Kevin Greene, as well as with more traditional wrestling names such as Randy Savage.

After stepping away from the wrestling world in the 21st century, McMichael became involved in the Chicago radio landscape as he briefly co-hosted a Chicago Bears pregame show as well as being a frequent guest on Waddle and Silvy. McMichael had some less formal ventures, such as being a member of the Chicago 6, a rock and roll band that included former teammates in Dan Hampton and Otis Wilson.


Unfortunately, McMichael announced in 2021 that he had been diagnosed with ALS. Correspondingly, McMichael has retired from making public appearances, but still appears to be frequently visited from former teammates and wrestling partners.