A look back at the Chicago Bears first five weeks and what they need in the NFL Draft

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Wait on the Bears draft talk for now

If you don't believe me about the yards, ask the Chicago Bears owner (Aaron Rodgers) and Peyton Manning about offenses. There has been a lot of talk about what the Chicago Bears should do during the 2024 NFL draft. You know, I follow the draft harder than anybody you know. I am telling you to wait a second. It is still October and too early to consider the draft prospects. If anybody is telling you otherwise, they are nuts. If you need some firepower on why, I got you.

"The Chicago Bears should draft Caleb Williams now." Easy, what if he doesn't enter the draft? Better yet, what if Drake Maye has a Joe Burrow-like college season? Or anybody else, for that matter? Go back in history and see who the favorites were. Tank for Tua, they said. Clowney is a can't-miss generational prospect, they said. Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback in this draft class, they said. There are too many times when ESPN and the guys on TV are wrong. Williams might be a stud, but we have yet to fully determine what the end of the season will bring us.

The talk about Justin Fields and his rookie contract is silly. Good teams win on quarterback rookie deals, they say. They need to stop using Pat Mahomes as an example. Yes, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and Joe Flacco won. Brain Baldinger brought that up on the CHGO Podcast. Flacco also did what else? Brady and Wilson were drafted on day three, which contradicts taking a quarterback in round one.