A look back at the Chicago Bears first five weeks and what they need in the NFL Draft

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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The Chicago Bears must be smart

We can talk all day about Justin Fields and reading the defense's post-snap. I mentioned that in an earlier article as well. Some quarterbacks are elite at reading the defense pre-snap and some post-snap. I believe we all understand Fields is a pre-snap player. That is fine. Getsy should continue to use that to his play-calling advantage. Josh Lucas has been sharing his thoughts on the quarterback he traded up for all over. He spoke about static intelligence and (I forgot the term) chaotic intelligence.

Intelligence when crap hits the fan and is moving all around. Like on-the-spot thinking. I really wish I could remember what he called it. However, Fields scored high on that static intelligence, and Lucas learned that Trubisky's chaotic intelligence is what failed him. It also seems that Fields' development in chaotic intelligence is still growing. What Getsy needs to do is use that to his advantage.

Justin Fields is the ultimate bailout quarterback. Force defenses to trick him pre-snap since he is good at reading the defense before the snap; if Fields doesn't like or understand what he sees post-snap, he can bail or make a play. That is easier said than done, but it must be something Getsy should focus on. That and continuing to use this vertical-based passing attack. Thank you for finally doing what I asked in training camp.