The Chicago Bears are set for first winning streak in a long time

Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

After snapping a 14-game losing streak with their dominant 'Thursday Night Football' win over the Washington Commanders, the Chicago Bears are hungry for more wins.

Two weeks ago, Bears fans were thinking about where they'd be picking in next year's draft with the possibility of tanking for USC quarterback Caleb Williams. All of that pessimistic talk has been tossed in the trash because the Bears have a real chance to put together a winning streak given their upcoming schedule.

The Bears next four games are against the Minnesota Vikings (1-4), Las Vegas Raiders (2-3), Los Angeles Chargers (2-2) and the New Orleans Saints (3-2). They won't versus a team with a winning record until they face off against the Saints in Week 9.

When it comes to the Bears' next game against the NFC North rival Vikings, they'll be sparring with a team that's going through a disappointing season and just lost star receiver Justin Jefferson after suffering a hamstring injury. Also, the Kirk Cousins trade rumors are going viral, even though Cousins downplayed the rumors. It's likely the Vikings are gearing up for a rebuild, which is perfect for the Bears.

Right now, the Bears are favored to win this matchup with +126 odds for the Moneyline, according to FanDuel. After making significant improvements on offense, the Bears could win this one by a wide margin, which would give the Bears their first win streak in some time.

This potential two-game winning streak is a new development for Bears fans. Usually, the Bears get off to a fast start only to crash and burn, missing the playoffs. We saw this happen numerous times during the Matt Nagy era. We even saw it happen last year when the Bears started out 2-1 and ended up with a pitiful 3-14 record by January.

The 2023 Bears are the complete opposite. They had a 0-4 start and are looking to enter their first hot streak in some time. Could the end result of this season be different thanks to this start? Let's hope so.

In terms of schedule toughness, the Bears have the 26th strongest schedule for the remainder of the season, according to Pro Football Network.

"The Bears' schedule is not difficult. They do not have to face any of the league's elite teams from here on out," Pro Football Network analyst Dalton Miller said in a recent article.

Besides their schedule and potential winning streak, the Bears have a lot to look forward to. They own the Carolina Panthers draft pick, who're the only winless team in the NFL at 0-5. As of Week 6, the Bears are projected to have the first and second overall picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, according to Tankathon. As the Bears pile on more wins and go up in draft order, they'll still hold the rights to the Panthers' first-round pick.


While the Bears rebuild isn't over yet, the right pieces are in place to end it.