Which Chicago Bears players were studs in Week 4 vs. Broncos?

Week 4 was a wild ride for the Chicago Bear and their fans as the team went from looking the best they have in a long time to maybe the toughest loss of the season. Still, some players had refreshingly strong performances despite the stunning loss.
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Cole Kmet
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Chicago Bears Week 4 Stud No. 3: Khalil Herbert

The theme here is the Chicago Bears had a day on offense. The third stud from this week is another first-timer for this season. Khalil Herbert had a day as the featured running back and benefited from finally having a more open and spread-out defense. Up until this week, opponents were stacking the boxes and telling the Bears offense "We'll stop the run so go ahead and try to beat us through the air." This has led to some low rushing numbers for all of the Bears backs, but especially Herbert, who led the league in yards per carry last season.

Against the Broncos Herbert had 18 rushes for 103 yards for an average carry of 5.7 yards. That is the type of boost that the Bears offense needs from Herbert. The man with the nickname "Juice" finally showed some of that burst and speed with his carries today, as well as his power game with some tough runs.

The Bears decided to stick with Herbert more than usual because he was the hot hand today. While it has normally been a split between him and Roschon Johnson over the last few weeks, Johnson only took five carries against the Broncos. This might have been the only good coaching decision made today because it was clear that Herbert had it going, so there was no need to force touches to Johnson. Johnson did not play badly, but when Herbert is playing his game he adds a different type of electricity to the offense. There is a reason the Bears decided to make him one of the lead-backs going into this year.

Herbert also added a touchdown reception on an improvisation play in the third quarter. He still struggles with occasional drops and pass protection, but his game is being an electric runner who can surprise you with power just as much as speed. The Bears were able to utilize him well today, with some credit to the offensive line for getting after it in run blocking.

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This loss might be the worst on the season yet just from the sheer disappointment and stinging that came from blowing a 28-7 lead. The offense looked so good, and Justin Fields finally looked like the star quarterback he is supposed to be this year, but at this point, it seems nothing is enough for the Chicago Bears to finally win a game.