5 in-season moves Bears can make to start preparing for 2024

Is the season over already in Chicago?

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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Justin Fields' latest injury has Chicago Bears fans all kinds of emotional.

This season looks to be over, but with Fields hurt and possibly out multiple weeks, fans are now looking ahead to what the future might hold for this franchise. Does Fields make it back to this team in 2024, or do they end up drafting Caleb Williams with the first overall pick, assuming they land it?

How does the coaching staff look in 2024? Does Ryan Poles survive? There are many question marks, so early in a season where the Bears were expected to be far more competitive.

But, if the Bears want to start planning ahead, they can make some of these in-season moves; some of them being far bigger than the others.

1. Extend Jaylon Johnson

The first thing Chicago should do is the exact opposite of what many outlets think they should do, and that's to extend cornerback Jaylon Johnson. Yes, the Bears could get a nice return for Johnson should they choose to trade him prior to this year's deadline.

But, the fact is, Johnson has been one of the best cornerbacks in football this year. He's having, by far, the best year of his career. The future of this Bears defense could lean on the corner duo of both Johnson and Tyrique Stevenson, who are physical, high-effort players at their position and bring the intensity every week.

Johnson deserves a new deal, and the Bears would be wise to keep him around. That's one less position they would have to worry about next offseason, too, with the front office being able to focus more on soft spots like the trenches.