5 in-season moves Bears can make to start preparing for 2024

Is the season over already in Chicago?
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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4. Fire Luke Getsy

Ah, yes. We have come to the fire and brimstone section of this piece. The Bears could just cut their losses now and fire offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. I mean, why not? At this point, Fields may be out a while and Tyson Bagent looks, at the very least, like a capable backup to keep going into next season.

Why allow Bagent's development to come under the hindrance of having Getsy coaching him? It already looks like Getsy has taken part in ruining Fields. Allowing him to coach another young quarterback in Chicago would feel a bit like malpractice.

This decision would come after some Bears fans thought all was good and well following the massive output against the Washington Commanders. But, the Bears fell back to earth against Minnesota this past week and fans saw a familiar offense featuring silly screens, one after another, and other questionable play calls.

Getting Getsy out of the building now only allows the Bears to start their homework on a future offensive coordinator a lot earlier, and that's never a bad thing.