3 Chicago Bears who have seen their play improve in recent weeks

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 1-5, so it is hard to get too excited about what the team is bringing to the table. However, we are now into the part of the year where we are looking for signs of development and growth from certain players. Which players have been playing some of their best football more recently for the Bears?

3. The Chicago Bears are starting to get value out of TJ Edwards

In the Chicago Bears' loss to the Green Bay Packers in week one, the team looked like they spent on two bad linebackers. T.J. Edwards was beaten clean by Aaron Jones for a touchdown that took them out of the game, and he was known for solid coverage ability.

While Tremaine Edmunds still has not improved enough, the Bears did get solid production out of T.J. Edwards in recent weeks. Edwards had that bad week one and started to get adjusted by week two. He was one of the few players to show something in the loss against the Chiefs, and the last two games have been his best.

He was clean against Washington and made a few impact plays against the Vikings. A strip on a potential sack led to a fumble recovery by Edmunds, and Edwards almost recovered a football of his own.

It is becoming clear that he is at his best when he is running towards the football. That can work in coverage at times as he defends the flats, but it can also limit everything they do with him.

Still, they signed him to be the number two linebacker, and right now, he is the best linebacker on the roster. That is good enough.