3 Chicago Bears who have seen their play improve in recent weeks

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, DeMarcus Walker
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2. The Chiacgo Bears are seeing DeMarcus Walker improve

Through three weeks, DeMarcus Walker made almost no impact for the Chicago Bears. However, as time has gone by and he has started to ease into his role, his play has improved. Against Denver, we saw some of his best run defense work, which is mainly what the team signed him for.

Then, in the past two weeks, he has recorded ten pressures. Considering he has nine in the four other games combined, this is a bit of an improvement. It is disappointing, but the Bears are getting more out of Walker than Yannick Ngakoue at this point.

Walker has 19 pressures to 18 for Ngakoue, and he has a 9.5% win rate, while Ngakoue has a 4.7% win rate. When you factor in that Walker is making about half of the Ngakoue salary, and Walker is a much better run defender, he is the bargain right now.

Walker was signed to be a piece and not one of the biggest threats on the line. As the Bears get more talent around him, he is the type of player that you want to see mixing in and out of a versatile role. We are slowly seeing his value now.