3 Chicago Bears who have seen their play improve in recent weeks

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Jack Sanborn
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1. Jack Sanborn remains an asset for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have struggled to find the right role for Jack Sanborn. He was playing well last year, but the team added TJ Edwards and Tremaine Edmunds, so his role would obviously be reduced. He was the SAM, but the team plays a ton of nickel, which means he is a sub-package player.

Early on it looked like Sanborn was struggling to get back to his ways of last year, but his last two games have been his best as well. After five missed tackles in the first four games, he has zero through these two. He also had three run stops, and a couple of them were really impressive tackles against the Minnesota Vikings.

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Against the Commanders, they would let him play in the slot against wide receivers to stay heavy against a team that likes to run out of 11-personnel. That confidence in Sanborn is key. He has finally figured out his role, and he is playing well in it. Sanborn and Edwards are playing better; they just need to see a little more from Tremaine Edmunds.