4 Chicago Bears who should have their best game against Carolina Panthers

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Justin Jones
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2. The Chicago Bears need a big night from Justin Jones

One of the big issues with the Carolina Panthers this year is their rushing attack. That has been led by a poor offensive line. Their line has potential on paper, but the health has been an issue, specifically at guard.

Calvin Throckmorton is a UDFA who was let go by the New Orleans Saints before catching on as depth for the Carolina Panthers. Due to the injuries, Throckmorton has played 448 snaps this year. He started weeks three through six at right guard.

Then, after their bye week, he has played weeks eight and nine at left guard. Throckmorton had struggled at right guard, and he has gotten worse on the left side. He was a big issue in the loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Justin Jones has not been great this year, but he has improved his pass rush win rate from 5.6% to 6.5% this season. Jones is playing for a contract and has gotten chances over the rookie Gervon Dexter despite the Bears' record. Now, he gets arguably the easiest matchup he may see all season. Can he prove that he deserves some money?