Why Chicago Bears Should not hire Kliff Kingsbury as Offensive Coordinator

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The Chicago Bears are interviewing former Arizona Cardinals head coach and current USC offensive assistant Kliff Kingsbury for their offensive coordinator job. The move was expected, and there is some upside to the decision. It also would make it easy to prognosticate what the Bears do with the first overall pick, considering Kingsbury coach Caleb Williams at USC last year. 

Should the Chicago Bears hire Kliff Kingsbury to be their offensive coordinator?

Still, there would be some questions to the hire. 

First, last year was the most disappointing year of Caleb Williams’ career. It is not directly because of Kingsbury, but it is clear that his addition did not make big waves or change the direction of Williams to the positive. Is this really who they want to pair with Williams?

More than that, while Kingsbury is always a bit ahead of the curve on offensive philosophy, it appears as though his teams will come out of the gate hot with new concepts and then slowly fade away as teams catch on, and he does not have the correct counters.

His teams sputtered to the finish line whether he was at Texas A&M, Texas Tech, or the Arizona Cardinals. Lastly, while we never know what most candidates want, we do know that Kingsbury would jump from this position to the next potential head coaching job available in no time. He would not hesitate to move on. 

So, the Bears may only get him for a year or so, especially if they think they have a nice find with the first overall pick. Kingsbury and his interview may be more about getting information on Williams than it is about pairing him with Williams.

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The Chicago Bears are smart to get the interview, but they should not hire Kliff Kingsbury to be their next offensive coordinator.