5 Chicago Bears who should be at their best after the bye week

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D.J. Moore has a chance to finish strong with the Chicago Bears

D.J. Moore has a chance to finish the year hot. He is already on pace to have a career year, but that gets even more impressive when you think that he had four games with Tyson Bagent. 

In the four games that Bagent started, Moore averaged 52.8 yards per game. In the games that Justin Fields starts and finishes, D.J. Moore averages 106 yards per game. 

Needless to say, these two have a good bond. It should only get better after the bye week. Fields will be completely healthy, and the duo picked up right where they left off in the last two games. Now, they have some time to build chemistry, which had been put on hold in recent weeks. 

Moore gets a Lions defense that he already has success against, he gets a Cardinals defense that has issues, and a Falcons defense that is better against the run than the pass. With the chemistry and the connection he has with Fields growing and a few easy spots you should expect 500 more yards over the final five games.