5 Chicago Bears who should be at their best after the bye week

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Justin Fields has all of the pieces around him for success

The Chicago Bears are about to find out whether Justin Fields is the man for them or not. The Bears do not have a firm answer right now, but the reality is that they do not need one. They have five more games, and fortunately for them, things are set up for him to thrive. 

As we noted, he has plenty of success with D.J. Moore. Darnell Mooney is healthier than ever, and this bye week could be a good time for these two to get on the same page. On top of that, his run game is better than ever, led by an offensive line that is finally as healthy as intended. 

On the other hand, the defense is not going to consistently have his back up against the wall, and he actually will be put into positions of success. These five games should be the best that we see from Justin Fields. He should show that he can belong, and if there are any doubts after these five games, then the Bears need to move on.