5 Chicago Bears who should be at their best after the bye week

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The Chicago Bears could see a late breakout from Gervon Dexter.

Most of the time, rookies are able to re-group after their bye week and come back better than ever. It is the first time they can pause and reflect on their own play, rest up, and get their body back to a better spot after a longer and more physical season than they have ever played. For Gervon Dexter, the bye week may have come at the perfect time. 

Dexter is coming off of the best game of his career. His last three weeks have been the best stretch of winning as a pass rusher in his career. 

As the Bears get into the final five games of the season, they should be incentivized to play Dexter more. Justin Jones is a free agent, and Dexter will be with the team next year. His play is improving while we know what Jones is. The Bears have unleashed a few new pass rush looks with Dexter coming off the edge. 

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Look for Dexter to play more than ever and thus have better stats than ever before. Still, his pass rush win rate per snap should stay around the same in this stretch.