3 Chicago Bears who showed up to play at Los Angeles Chargers despite the loss

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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Chargers, Darnell Mooney, Asante Samuel Jr.
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2. Darnell Mooney is starting to play better for the Chicago Bears

He is still not quite back, but it is clear that Darnell Mooney is playing better football right now. In the first five games of the season, Mooney was held out of the scoresheet three times. He averaged 20.8 yards per game in that span and looked a step slow. He was shut out of the Washington game but was more open that week than any of the first four games. Since then, he has started to come along.

Mooney had 121 yards in the last three games, averaging 40.3 yards per game now. That is not quite at his 45.4 yards per game average for his career, but he is much more in-line with expectations now. He only caught one pass on Sunday, but it was a 41-yard bomb that was out a bit ahead of him, but he impressively hauled it in. These were the passes that Mooney had not brought in just a few weeks earlier.

He is going to get healthy just in time for the stretch run, and we should expect to see him even better in the coming weeks. This is good and bad for the Chicago Bears. It helps them evaluate their quarterback, but the Bears are going to lose Mooney. He was so bad early in the year that they cannot trade him, and now he will be good enough that another team will pay him more than Chicago wants to in free agency. They will likely be losing him for nothing. Fans should at least enjoy the next few weeks and hope that he can continue his pace for the last three games.