5 stats to know about Chicago Bears free agent signing DeMarcus Walker

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DeMarcus Walker, Chicago bears
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3. DeMarcus Walker will move up and down Chicago Bears DL

The Chicago Bears signed a defensive end with DeMarcus Walker, but the Titans really took advantage of playing him everywhere. That had been a theme throughout his career as well. When you note that he plays strong and does not have bend around the edge, it makes sense to move him inside at times, and not rely on him outside.

For his career, Walker has 1,610 snaps. Only 25.7% of those snaps are actually outside the tackle as seven or nine technique rushing the passer. This season he was at 25.1%, so the same usage. He played 25.2% at the 5-technique or right over the tackle. Then, for his career, he played 44% of his snaps as a three-technique, and then 4.6% of his snaps lined up right in the A-gap.

The Titans did play him 44% at the 5-technique, and 29.1% at the 3-technique. So, the Broncos had him at defensive tackle for the majority of his career. The Titans moved him outside more and got more out of it, but beyond that, the ability to move him all around makes him the most valuable.

Walker can set the edge on first and second down, then slide inside on third down to rush the passer. One key factor from this is that it does not limit who else the team signs, whether it be ends or tackles. Walker could fit with anyone.