3 reasons Chicago Bears signing Marcedes Lewis was an easy decision

The Chicago Bears had a need at tight end and a familiarity with Marcedes Lewis

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Marcedes Lewis, Chicago Bears
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1. Marcedes Lewis gives a young team leadership

An underrated factor for Lewis is the veteran wisdom that he can bring to this roster. Lewis is going to be 39 years old by the end of this season. He is a former first-round pick that did not have the highs that you see from that draft slot, but he definitely had the longevity.

Lewis was on the Jaguars from 2006 through the 2017 season and then was on the Packers since 2018. When he goes somewhere, the team that adds him does not want him to leave. He is the type of player you want around a young team that is building something. He knows how to put the work in, and he knows what it takes. It is clear coaches like him.

The signing of Lewis almost offsets the questions of Yannick Ngakoue. Ngakoue has played for more teams in three seasons than Lewis has played for in 17 years. He has bounced around, and there are signs that he wears on coaches.

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The Bears do not want that to dominate their locker room, but they know they need some talent, even if the mentality is not all the way there. Signing Lewis ensures that the vibe of Ngaoue does not over power the locker room. It is like Ryan Poles gave in and signed the questionable character player only if it meant he also got to pay the the guy who has limited upside, but raises the floor because of his leadership.