3 stats to know about Chicago Bears free agent signing Nate Davis

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Chicago Bears, Nate Davis
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1. Nate Davis will be a better run blocker than pass blocker for the Chicago Bears

When Nate Davis was coming into the NFL Draft he was known for having a mean streak and a chip on his shoulder. That style of play has not changed. However, the Titans moved him inside to guard because he would not be a pass protector on the outside. Even moving inside he can lose to some of the better athletes, and longer arm players at the position.

For perspective, last season Davis ranked 39th amongst qualified guards in run block grade, but ranked 13th in run blocking. He ranked 20th the season before, but was down at 66th in pass blocking grade. It is clear he has a strength.

Some of this is because the Titans are a power offense who wants to run teams over. They focus a lot more on run blocking, and Davis bought in. Beyond that, the Chicago Bears have Justin Fields, and while he improved as a passer, his ability as a runner it what sets him apart. The team also wants to build a run heavy offense around that.

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Davis did not block for a mobile quarterback, but the ability to get down with power and aggression does fit his skill set.