3 reasons Chicago Bears signing Yannick Ngakoue is a no-brainer

The Chicago Bears needed a pass rusher, and they got one.

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Demarcus Walker, Chicago Bears
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2. Chicago Bears can find help on run defense

The one thing you will hear about Yannick Ngakoue when the case is going to be made against the signging is his run defense. It is true that Ngakoue has always been a much better pass rusher than he is a run defender. He has 395 pressures to 145 run stops.

Also, he has 3,534 pass rush snaps compared to 1,857 run defense snaps, which shows that coaches do not even try to get much out of him on run downs and rather save him for pass rushing. Pass rushing is supreme, but they did pay too much for someone who may not play many first downs.

The thing is that the Bears needed a pass rush so badly because they focused on run defense all offseason. As bad as the pass rush was, it was worse watching teams run in every direction at them and get away with it. What was worse was how often teams could get outside on the edges.

So, the team signed DeMarcus Walker, who is over 270 pounds and plays interior defensive line on half of his snaps. Then, they added Rasheem Green. Green is more known for his run defense than his pass rush, and he also is a heavier edge rusher. Both can hold up on the edge without being moved back.

More than that, the team added Andrew Billings, Gervon Dexter, and Zacch Pickens. Billings and Pickens are expected to be primary run defenders, with Dexter being the only one with legitimate pass-rush potential. When you add in the linebackers they paid for, the run defense was set to improve. They needed someone who sells out on the pass rush. They can handle the run-downs fine this season.