The Chicago Bears skill-set values and what that means for the 2023 NFL Draft

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The 2023 NFL Draft is approaching us fast. The Chicago Bears and Ryan Poles will likely use this year to build the roster's depth while attempting to strike some gems. The Chicago Bears gave a taste of what they look for when it comes to pro players and draft prospects.

I would like to know if I will get my second (and last) mock draft of the year finished before the draft, but I am close to what Ryan Poles is looking for in a player. For instance, many believe Peter Skoronski could play tackle for the Chicago Bears.

What pro traits say about the Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft strategy

It's not that I am calling them wrong, but according to the Chicago Bears, those people are wrong. The Bears want length, pass protection ability, and foot quickness from their offensive tackles. Were we really surprised that those were going to be the qualities? Skoronski is likely to become an outstanding guard at the NFL level. He still could be one of the players the Bears draft if he is available for them.

We have heard Ryan Poles talk about long players, so most of us assumed that meant that most teams look for length for most positions. For Poles, that is only at the offensive tackle position. The Chicago Bears don't value length as heavily on the defensive side. The defensive end and tackle positions (3T) have similar skillset values. Length is not one of them, but being explosive, having good pursuit, having a high motor, and using hands correctly are typical for both positions.

The main difference is at the defensive end, they look for pass-rushing ability, and at the tackle position, they look for point-of-attack power. Durability was also on the list for defensive ends and not defensive tackles.