Something isn't adding up with Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears

After hearing Matt Eberflus speak at his Monday press conference, something is just not adding up between the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields.

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Consider me a conspiracy theorist all you want, but there is something fishy going on when it comes to the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields. Something feels off here and it is really starting to bug me. A little over two weeks ago, Justin Fields went down with an apparent hand injury. The Bears were struggling on offense, but the defense was keeping them in the game against the Vikings. Many thought he'd miss 4 to 6 weeks, but we all were hopeful after hearing Fields would not need surgery and he is listed as week-to-week.

Fast forward to Week 7 against the Raiders. Tyson Bagent comes out and leads the Chicago Bears to their second victory of the season. The running game was the focal point of the day as they rushed for over 170 yards. Tyson Bagent only threw for 162, but managed the game and didn't turn the ball over. That didn't stop the words "QB controversy" from being thrown around.

Now, we see Tyson Bagent struggle against the Chargers in Week 8. He had multiple passes thrown for near interceptions. He was sailing balls, he underthrew Velus Jones (although that drop is on Jones way more than Bagent) and although he completed over 65% of his passes, nothing was clicking. This is what you get from any rookie, let alone an undrafted free-agent rookie. Bagent is a great story and I'm not capping his ceiling, but you cannot count on him as the long-term starter going forward at this point in his career.

Something seems off between the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields

Here is where things get weird.

Over the last two weeks, Justin Fields was listed as week-to-week and doubtful all throughout the game. Matt Eberflus was non-committal to if Fields would be able to play each week. He was doubtful, sure, but there was a hope being sold that he could return. They didn't put him on injured reserve with a designation to return in four weeks and he didn't need surgery. Well, now all of a sudden Eberflus comes out and declares Justin Fields OUT for the Saints game this week. It's only Monday. Why such an early designation this week when they didn't do that the last two weeks? That's strange.

Note, that not putting him on injured reserve isn't too shocking. The team has already used six of eight annual IR spots. It's only Week 9 and it makes sense they are trying to hold onto those last two. That said, the rest of the situation is what seems off to me. I know, I'll grab my tinfoil hat. Especially after hearing what Dan Bernstein and Laurence Holmesbrought up today on their show on 670 the Score.

Dan Bernstein called what happened on Sunday night's broadcast a behind-the-scenes, back-stabbing whisper campaign against Justin Fields. The story about Tyson Bagent is great media, but Bernstein is in the belief that the Chicago Bears are pushing the narrative even more. He is basically insinuating that they are doing and saying what they can to put the blame on Fields and take the blame off themselves. We've been here before and I'm tired of that narrative.

"If you don't want to coach Justin Fields, if that's too much for you, if you can't handle him, then you suck as a coach."

Dan Bernstein, 670 the Score


What do you think? Does something feel off about this whole situation? Are the Chicago Bears coaches trying to save their jobs? Is Ryan Poles involved in the narrative too or is this further cause for Poles to be out on Matt Eberflus? Does this mean that the coaching staff and/or Ryan Poles have decided to move on from Fields? There are more questions than answers here.

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