5 star players the Chicago Bears could have drafted in past five years

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The Chicago Bears could have drafted Jalen Hurts (2020)

When I went back to 2020 to see who was drafted when I couldn't help but notice how much I like the second-round picks. Cole Kmet is one of my favorite players on the Bears' roster. Jaylon Johnson is lacking takeaways, but he has been a shutdown corner otherwise. It would be hard to imagine not having either on the roster, but Ryan Pace needed a new quarterback and Jalen Hurts was staring him in the face. He ignored him twice.

Cole Kmet was drafted 43rd and Jaylon Johnson went 50. The Philadelphia Eagles ended up taking Jalen Hurts at 53. His first couple of seasons did not go too well, but he showed progress. After getting A.J. Brown in a trade with the Titans, Hurts had some elite weapons to throw to and it led to a Super Bowl appearance in 2022 along with a second-place finish in MVP voting. Patrick Mahomes took the top spot if you were wondering.

If we are going to compare the Bears selecting Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson over Jalen Hurts, we have to point out that Hurts plays the most valuable position in the NFL. He is proving to be one of the best at the position too. Even if Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson performed at higher levels than they already have, Hurts still would be the better option. He is a star in the NFL and Ryan Pace missed out on him. Good thing for Bears fans is that if Pace did take Hurts, it might have prolonged his career.