5 star players the Chicago Bears could have drafted in past five years

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The Chicago Bears could have drafted Creed Humphrey (2021)

This brings me to the last star the Chicago Bears missed out on drafting. In 2021, the Chicago Bears were lucky enough to land Justin Fields. That was Ryan Pace's parting gift to the Bears and fans. Fields still needs to continue to improve and we are all hoping for a breakout season in 2023 that includes better passing stats. However, I am not upset that Fields is the quarterback. I think his ceiling is actually higher than Jalen Hurts' ceiling.

Some of you may not want to hear this, but the Chicago Bears should have taken Creed Humphrey at 52 instead of trading up to 39. Jenkins looks to be an above-average guard with elite-level potential. However, he's struggled with multiple injuries and his availability has not been good enough to think that he is worthy of being selected over Humphrey. The worst part is that the Chicago Bears were in need of a center. They rolled out Sam Mustipher as their starting center instead. Yikes.

Humphrey has been an All-Pro in both his rookie and sophomore year. He was selected to the Pro Bowl last year too. He plays a very unsexy position, but a crucial one. He has been protecting Patrick Mahomes extremely well over the last two years and I would have loved to see him in a Bears uniform protecting Justin Fields. I thought Ryan Poles would go with a center in the second round this season, but he neglected the position and instead opted to move Cody Whitehair back to center -- a position he excelled at early in his career (outside of some snapping issues).

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Again, hindsight is always 20/20, but Ryan Pace missed out on five stars who could have truly helped shape this team for the better. Who are some other names you are disappointed the Chicago Bears didn't end up drafting? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page.