5 Chicago Bears starters who won’t be back in 2024

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4. The Chicago Bears are not going to re-sign Darnell Mooney

This had been a miserable season for Darnell Mooney. He was coming off a season-ending ankle injury last year, and he missed almost the entire offseason. He came back for week one, but you could see he was not the same player. 

You could argue he was not the same player all year. He had a few moments where he connected with both Tyson Bagent and Justin Fields down the field, but he never strung anything consistent together. This was a big year for Mooney. He is a free agent and was playing to prove that he belongs in the Chicago Bears' plans. 

The Bears drafted Tyler Scott, and while he has not played well this year, his size and profile suggest that next year would feature more snaps, filling the role that Darnell Mooney played this year. 

Mooney suffered a concussion that caused him to miss the last two games of the season, and no one can blame him for wanting to protect himself after such a bad end to it. The question now is, what team will sign Darnell Mooney? It will not be the Chicago Bears.