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Chicago Bears 7th-Round Draft Pick: Travis Bell, DT

Practice Squad

Travis Bell has already defied the odds. The seventh-round selection was the first player ever drafted out of Kennesaw State University.

He had an impressive showing during the on-field drills at his pro day, where he put up 30 reps on the bench and ran the 40-yard dash in 5.03 seconds. However, his Top 30 visit was arguably much more vital, as he won Ryan Poles over with his character.

Could Bell find his way onto the active roster when all is said and done? Absolutely. He is a great athlete who clearly impressed Poles throughout the pre-draft process. However, it is tough to project him to the active roster with the slew of additions the Bears have made at defensive tackle this offseason.

While the practice squad is his most likely outcome, it would not be surprising to see him get called to the active roster if someone were to go down. Additionally, one year of development on the practice squad could be just what he needs, as it will allow him to put on mass and prepare his body for the rigors of the NFL without being thrown to the wolves.