5 over/unders for Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields in 2023

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1. Over or under 39 sacks for Justin Fields in 2023

39 sacks may sound like a lot, but he took 36 sacks as a rookie, and he did not play a full season. Also, he had 55 sacks last season. Needless to say, 39 would be a good number by most fans' standards. He took a sack 11.8% of the time as a rookie and 14.7% of the time in year two. Mie Clay has him projected to drop down to an 8.9% sack rate.

All Chicago Bears fans would take that at this point. The question is whether or not this is too optimistic. On one hand, his offensive line goes better. That can lead to a drop, maybe only down to 10 or 11%. The rest has to come froM Fields.

Fields was taking a sack far too often when he was under pressure. The best quarterbacks can handle pressure and still get the ball out. We are not saying the sacks were all on him, but he could have reduced things.

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If Fields wants to get to an 8.8% sack rate, it is on him. We think he has what it takes to get there. The combination of him not needing to play hero ball, and being in the same offense, adding a level of familiarity, will help him. On top of that, he is going to have more time. So, the amount of sacks he takes under pressure drops, and the pressure rate drops, meaning the sacks are going to drop as well.

Under 39 sacks