Steelers might use Justin Fields in ways the Bears never did, but not in a good way

Let's just keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole...
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields / Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

A few months back, we all remember hearing about the crazy, potential role for former Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields now that he's in Pittsburgh.

Steelers running back Jaylen Warren said that his special teams coordinator had discussed putting Fields back to help return kicks, prompting the entire football world to nearly fall off their seats laughing. It was a crazy idea, and no, it would have never worked. Since then, we've figured out that it was more just an exaggerated illustration and not a real plan.

But here we are, once again, hearing some unorthodox takes -- this time, coming by way of ESPN's Jeremy Fowler.

Fowler recently reported that he's heard from multiple sources that the Steelers could wind up using Fields in a role other than just a quarterback, but not necessarily as the team's starter.

"Russell Wilson's undisputably the QB number one. He's not splitting reps. However, I've talked to multiple teams who expect the Steelers to utilize Justin Fields as a runner and passer in the goal line, think eight yards and in.

Arthur Smith, the new OC, used Derrick Henry as a quarterback/passer when he was in Tennessee calling plays, so why couldn't you use a guy like Fields with his big-time ability?"

It sounds crazy, but the Steelers might have something with this Justin Fields idea

Comparing Fields to the likes of Derrick Henry isn't exactly fair, but when you think about it, Pittsburgh could definitely mix things up and keep defenses on their toes going a route like this one.

If Russell Wilson is the starter, but comes out in some key goal line situations, defenses will have no choice but to adapt. It's a little different than what Smith did in Tennessee, of course, because when Henry threw the ball, it almost always caught defenses by surprise. If Henry is handed the football that close to the goal line, most are anticipating him to run it.

Yet, Henry has thrown four career touchdown passes in the regular season.

With Fields coming into the game in a situation like this, defenses are more likely to think he's coming in to run it. However, if Smith plays his cards right, he could draw up some fun RPO-type plays that give Fields the freedom to both run or pass the ball.

A big, strong quarterback with 4.4 speed on the goal line? The possibilities are aplenty.