5 Chicago Bears who stepped up their game to beat Minnesota Vikings

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3. The Chicago Bears defensive line is coming alive

The addition of Montez Sweat has been huge because it has made other players better. One easy case is DeMarcus Walker. Walker was always meant to be a rotational rusher when he signed. However, the lack of depth had him starting for the Bears and playing more than ever. 

It took a week or so to get going, but now Walker has a more defined role and is excelling. From weeks one through nine, he had a pass rush win rate of 8.7, and in the last three games, it was up to 15.8%. He has had nine pressures in the last two weeks. 

Gervon Dexter
has had eight pressures in the last three weeks. That is pretty good when you consider he had nine in nine games coming into this one. Dexter had an 8.1% pass rush win rate in the first eight games, and that shot up to 15% in the past three weeks. Some of this is Sweat, some is the rookie getting better. 

Dexter had many key rushes in this game, and Walker saved the Bears points late in the first half with a huge sack of Joshua Dobbs. The Bears do not win without these two key offseason additions.