5 Chicago Bears who stepped up their game to beat Minnesota Vikings

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2. The Chicago Bears need to extend Jaylon Johnson 

The best player on the Chicago Bears in recent weeks has been Jaylon Johnson. You could easily consider him the best cornerback in the game right now. Johnson has always been shut down, but now he is bringing the ball skills. Johnson had an interception and two pass breakups on Monday. Honestly, he should have had two picks. 

He did the same thing against Detroit and could easily have a five-interception season. Still, three will do when he had one in three years coming into this game. 

More than just picking off passes, Johnson has been lockdown and has quarterbacks looking anywhere but his way. On top of that, he remains solid as a tackler against the run. 

The Bears had to start Terell Smith in this game and get an honorary mention for a good start, but this game was won because the Vikings could not do anything in Johnson's direction.