The Chicago Bears surprise many fans in this 2024 NFL Mock Draft

Chicago Bears fans will be surprised by this 2024 NFL Mock Draft put together by Will Helm of Pro Football Network.

Chicago Bears, NFL Draft
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1.01 (via CAR): Drake Maye, QB - UNC

Will Helm of Pro Football Network has the Chicago Bears using the first-overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft on quarterback Drake Maye. This is likely a surprise to many Bears fans as the consensus on social media is to either keep Justin Fields and trade the first pick in the draft for a larger haul than they received in 2023 or use the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft on Caleb Williams.

According to Helm, he has the Chicago Bears selecting Drake Maye first overall instead of Caleb Williams. His reasoning is that Maye is the most consistent in-phase passer in the 2024 NFL Draft. He does not believe that they will keep Justin Fields because he thinks Ryan Poles will want to reset the rookie quarterback clock and utilize that extra cap space on other positions.

I have discussed how I am a Ryan Poles supporter. I love how he tore this thing down and I'm enjoying how he's building it back up. His decisions have not been perfect -- no general manager ever is -- but the process behind those decisions has always been sound. I am taking Caleb Williams over Maye because I find Williams to have a higher ceiling. Both are great prospects though and I can understand those who like Maye for his consistency and ability within the pocket. I don't dislike this pick, but I'd rather Williams if they stay and use the pick at one.