Former Chicago Bears running back is healthy and receiving interest to return to NFL

This former Chicago Bears running back is healthy and receiving interest to return to the NFL. Could he end up back in Chicago?

Chicago Bears, Tarik Cohen
Chicago Bears, Tarik Cohen / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

It has been nearly three years since Tarik Cohen has played football. The former Chicago Bears running back signed a multi-year extension, but only played three games before going down with an ACL injury. The rehabilitation did not go well and Cohen dealt with some serious off-the-field issues on top of it.

At the beginning of the 2021 season, fans were hopeful for Tarik Cohen's return. Unfortunately, that never happened. Things got worse for Cohen though. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy were fired, which led to the new regime of Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus. Poles released Cohen and he hit free agency. Things didn't work out for Cohen in free agency either. He attempted to show that he was healthy by livestreaming a workout but tore his Achilles while live on video.

Former Chicago Bears RB, Tarik Cohen is healthy and wants to play

Reports are that Tarik Cohen is now healthy once again and looking to return to the NFL. Rumors are that a handful of teams are interested in giving Cohen a tryout, but don't expect him to be returning to the Chicago Bears. On a recent Twitch stream, he spoke negatively about the organization.

"Chicago don't want me. The Bears hurt my heart, hurt my feelings. I had just bought a house, just bought a [explitive] house, and I got [explitive] cut. I got sniped."

Tarik Cohen, Former Bears RB

It should be pointed out that Cohen didn't go empty-handed. He had just signed a three-year contract extension and earned $12 million in guarantees. To paint the Chicago Bears in a poor light for cutting him after he hadn't played in over a year is a little ridiculous. That said, I'm happy to see the "Human Joystick" get a chance at a comeback.

If healthy, would you want to see Tarik Cohen brought back? I'd have to imagine that he'd be a better option than Velus Jones even after the injuries. That said, I'm not gung ho on the matter either. I think I'd rather see him get an opportunity elsewhere. He said on his Twitch stream that one team interested wears a black jersey. Could Ryan Pace bring him to Atlanta?


If the rumors are true that Tarik Cohen is receiving offers to come try out, what team do you want to see him on?