5 free agents with strong ties to Chicago Bears HC Matt Eberflus

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Chicago Bears, Anthony Walker
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2. Chicago Bears could sign Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker was on the Chicago Bears radar in the past offseason, and nothing should change the reality that the team will be interested again this season. Walker ended his season with an injury, and the Bears saw Nicholas Morrow find success.

Still, Walker made more than Morrow last season. So, now the Chicago Bears may pay Walker what they paid Morrow, and Morrow may get the Walker deal from last season. For the Chicago Bears, they have been fine using cheap linebackers such as Morrow and Jack Sanborn. Considering Walker is a fit with the Chicago Bears, he could be the next cheap linebacker in line.

Walker spent the past two seasons with the Cleveland Browns, but he was on the Colts for four years prior to that. Walker spent one year on the Colts before Eberflus came, but the three years that Walker played for Eberflus were the best of his career. The last two years did not go the way he wanted, so he can get back to some familiarity which may help him.

He knows the scheme, the Chicago Bears know him, the price should be right, and this one makes a lot of sense.