Top 10 wide receivers in Chicago Bears history

Just how high does D.J. Moore already rank on our all-time wide receiver list?

Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
Chicago Bears, DJ Moore / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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6. D.J. Moore

Okay, so as it stands, D.J. Moore isn't even in the top 50 of the Bears' all-time receiving list. However, if he finishes this year for what he's on pace for and adds another 1,000-yard season next year, he'll firmly be within the top-25.

From there, let's say he adds another 1,000-yard season. Three of those from Moore would put him likely in the top 10, should he total over 3,600 yards in those three campaigns. For those wondering, he's on pace for over 1,350 yards this season. Three seasons with that total would actually put him no. 8 on the all-time list.

In terms of overall talent, you could argue Moore as being in the conversation for no. 1 in Bears' franchise history. Names like Brandon. Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey and Marty Booker are also up there, if we're talking strictly skill set.

Here's another way to look at it, though: Moore is no. 1 on the Bears' all-time list if we're categorizing based off of yards per game (80.2). That should give us the best indication, out of everything, that Moore will end up taking over the Bears' all-time receiving record. That is, assuming of course, he sticks around in Chicago for a few years.