Top 10 wide receivers in Chicago Bears history

Just how high does D.J. Moore already rank on our all-time wide receiver list?

Chicago Bears, DJ Moore
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4. Brandon Marshall

Had Brandon Marshall stuck around a few more years, he would have blown past the Bears' all-time receiving record. Marshall was traded to the Bears back in 2012 for a pair of third-round picks. It was a deal in which Michael Wilbon infamously dubbed, "highway robbery."

Marshall would go on to spend just three seasons with the Bears and sits 13th on the all-time receiving list with 3,524 yards on 279 receptions. For his time with the Bears, he was the favorite target of quarterback Jay Cutler. Also for the majority of time with the team, he and Cutler were very close -- too close, some would say.

Marshall and Cutler represented a married couple who were very much in love, yet fought about absolutely everything. They had their fair share of heated moments with one another, and most would agree that it came down to Marshall having a serious attitude problem. Marshall has been open about his battle with his own mental health, which certainly contributed to some of his issues in the league, and if we're being honest, it was eye-opening and a brave thing for him to do.

Still today, Marshall is a huge advocate for mental health awareness. He's also still good for some questionable hot takes once in a while, too. But, the 6-foot-5 wide receiver was a specimen on the field. He could be the most talented receiver the Bears have ever had in uniform.