Chicago Bears Tracker: 2023 53-man roster cuts

Tracker of all of the 2023 roster cuts the Chicago Bears make before the season starts

Chicago Bears, PJ Walker
Chicago Bears, PJ Walker / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Predicting the 53-man roster of a team is never an exact science. More often than not, teams will make cuts prior to the deadline only to make changes to the backend of the roster less than 48 hours later. Sometimes it will be to keep a player on the roster before placing them on injured reserve — designating them to be able to return. Other times it will be to make room for a player that another team waived or cut. The Chicago Bears are less than 24 hours away from needing to make some tough decisions. Only two official cuts have been made, but we will track unofficial ones too.

Chicago Bears Official Roster Transactions

P.J. Walker, QB - Released
Alex Leatherwood, OL - Waived
Nsimba Webster, WR - Released
D'Anthony Jones, DE - Waived
Barrington Wade, LB - Waived
Lachlan Pitts, TE - Waived
Daurice Fountain, WR - Released
Michael Ojemudia, DB - Waived
Andrew Brown, DT - Released
Davion Taylor, LB - Waived
Bobby Haskins, OL - Waived
Kellen Diesch, OL - Waived
Josh Lugg, OL - Waived
DeMarquis Gates, LB - Waived
Trestan Ebner, RB - Waived
Aviante Collins, OT - Released
Kindle Vildor, CB - Speculating he's being Released
Stephen Carlson, TE - Waived
Travis Bell, DT - Waived (Has to be a lock for the practice squad)
Robert Burns, FB - Released
Nathan Peterman, QB - Released
Roy Mbaeteka, DL - Waived
Kendall Williamson, S - Waived (Has to be a lock for the practice squad)
Bralen Trahan, S - Waived
Greg Stroman, Jr., CB - Released
Mykal Walker, LB - Waived
Davion Taylor, LB - Waived
Bravvion Roy, DT - Waived
Bobby Haskins, OT - Waived
Jalen Harris, DE - Waived
Dieter Eiselen, OG - Waived
Kellen Diesch, OL - Waived
Macon Clark, CB - Waived
Micah Baskerville, LB - Waived
Trevis Gipson, DE - Waived
Isaiah Ford - Placed on Injured Reserve

We will continue to update this list as changes are made or as the unofficial moves become official. Unofficial reports are a collection from Chicago Bears beat reporters. It will be interesting to see how many of these players return. Will all of the young players who were waived clear waivers? Will those released find a new home? How many of these players will Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears place on their practice squad if possible?

There are already a few names on the list I was hoping would still be here come September. Although some might return to the practice squad, it means that other players who I wasn't as high on are likely to be sticking around. I have already incorrectly guessed on some of the players who would still be in a Chicago Bears uniform when the deadline hits. Alex Leatherwood and PJ Walker were two of them. You can get my full 53-man roster projection on my Halas Huddle podcast.

Which players will you be most upset about? Who will you be okay with seeing cut, as long as they make it back to the practice squad? Guys I knew were safe but I wanted cut were Velus Jones, Jr. and Rasheem Green. I just get the sense those two are sticking around while guys like Daurice Fountain is already gone and Trevis Gipson's future in Chicago is bleak at best. In the end, I am just hopeful Ryan Poles will make the right decisions -- even the hard ones.

Note, the team is at 52 players and once Dan Feeney passes his physical, the team will be at 53 players. As we already said, expect some of these players to be moved around over the next 24-48 hours.