How the Chicago Bears offseason could go if they trade for a 3-tech before the draft

Chicago Bears, DeForest Buckner
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Chicago Bears, Carl Lawson
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Circling back to why it would be smart for the Bears to trade for a 3T and sign a pass rusher from free agency. It is well known that certain position groups, typically, struggle as rookies including first-round picks. One of these positions is pass rusher. They often struggle to get sacks in making the initial jump from college to the pros.

Getting sacks is hard enough for a rookie defensive end who has some room to run around blockers. However, getting sacks is even more problematic for defensive tackles who have to operate in the middle of the big uglies when rushing the passer.

Another position group that, typically, has problems in their rookie year are the wide receivers. It is pretty rare for wideouts to hit the road running and dominate defensive backs as a rookie. Justin Jefferson is one of the more recent examples of this rare type of rookie wide receiver. It happens but not all that often.

This is a powerful reason why acquiring D.J. Moore as the Bears WR1 in a trade was such a great move. Similarly, this is why it is a very good idea to acquire a veteran 3T and veteran pass rusher who is good at getting sacks before the draft. Any defensive line additions via trade and or free agency could prove to be among the smartest moves Ryan Poles will make this offseason.

Using the strategies outlined in this piece, these would be the top gets in my preferred Bears off-season.

  • Sign Carl Lawson DE if he gets cut
  • Trade the 53rd pick and a future pick for DeForest Buckner to play 3T