How the Chicago Bears offseason could go if they trade for a 3-tech before the draft

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The Bears secondary lacks a sub 4.4 speedster who is above 6' to cover the fastest wideouts with some height to them. We all know how much Coach Eberflus loves turnovers. Forbes has really good hands and a knack for making interceptions as he had 14 of them in college. Six of these interceptions went for touchdowns.

Based on my research about Emmanuel Forbes, it looked like because of his weight he would be drafted in the second round. In my Chicago Bears mock he would be the 63rd pick of this draft which in most years is the last pick of the second round. Interestingly enough the 33rd Team website just redid their big board and had Forbes ranked as the 18th-best prospect in this draft. So if by some chance the Bears find Forbes available with the 64th pick, he could be a real steal for them.

The logic for drafting Matt Landers goes under the whatever is best for Justin Fields to-do list. I for one, have been aching for the Bears to give Fields a wideout that can take full advantage of Fields' best passing skill, the long ball. Fields can big time use a tall fast, go route specialist with good hands. Matt is 6'4" weighs 200 pounds and runs a 4.37, 40-yard dash. He has big play ability that resulted in three long touchdowns of his eight TD receptions in 2022.

The best go-route specialists are, typically, tall and very fast. Landers would fill in Justin Fields's need for a true go-route specialist. The Bears should call for go routes two to three times a quarter given that Justin Fields' skills are so perfectly suited for this.

Matt Landers and Chase Claypool are the same height. However, Claypool has not proven so far to be a guy you send deep to outrun and or outjump a defender for a chunk play. Claypool who runs a 4.42, 40-yard dash is not slow but is a bit slower than Matt Landers. I have high hopes for Claypool in 2023. I just am not at all certain in 2023 and beyond he can become good at making big plays running go routes.

If any of you are wondering if some of my out-of-the-box ideas have any traction, I would offer this for your consideration. In my last piece which also addressed strategies for this Bears offseason, it included two items that I did not see anyone else suggest who covers the Bears.

One is that the Bears shift Cody Whitehair to center which Poles later put out there as something they were giving serious consideration to doing. On top of this good call, to my knowledge, there was no one else who anticipated that the Bears could very well not sign a right tackle in free agency which was considered a stone-cold lock by seemingly every Bears fan and by those that cover the Bears.

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So I hope you enjoyed my continued journey digging deep into strategies the Bears should use in acquiring talent during this unique and extraordinary Bears offseason.