Should the Chicago Bears make this trade before the season starts?

Chicago Bears, Danielle Hunter
Chicago Bears, Danielle Hunter / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears could use help at the EDGE position. There are still a few names in free agency, but it does not seem like signing one of them is in the cards. Reports are that Yannick Ngakoue wants to play for a contender. Unfortunately, the Bears are not a true contender this season. Justin Houston could be another option, but I cannot imagine he'd want to come to Chicago at the age of 34.

Well, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reported what he believes it will take to land Danielle Hunter from the Vikings. It sounds as though the Vikings still want to keep Hunter, but the situation continues to get out of hand. Danielle Hunter skipped the Vikings' minicamp and the two sides seem far apart. According to Fowler, it would take at least a second-round pick.

Should the Chicago Bears make this trade for Danielle Hunter?

This brings us to the Chicago Bears. We know the team needs a pass-rusher. Any of the free agents they grab now would be at best just a sack specialist. Landing a player like Danielle Hunter would be game-changing. Hunter is a beast of a player in both the running-game and the passing-game. He had 34 pressures last season, 36 in 2019 and 38 in 2018. He only had 21 in 2021, but that's due to only playing seven games. He missed all of the 2020 season.

If it is going to take at least a second-round pick, would you want Ryan Poles to send the Bears' 2024 second-round pick plus maybe a late-round pick for Danielle Hunter? I'd expect it could take a second and at least a fifth-rounder. Chicago owns two fourth-round picks in 2024, could they send one of them along with their second-round pick to Minnesota for Hunter?


In my opinion, this move would not be ideal. It reminds me of when they traded for Khalil Mack in 2018. Obviously, Hunter is in a different position of his career than Mack, and sending a second-round pick and a Day 3 pick for Hunter isn't the same as sending two first-rounders, but I think I'd prefer to see Ryan Poles continue to build throught the draft vs trading for an almost 29-year-old defensive end.