How the Chicago Bears trading for this position sets up the perfect 2023 NFL Draft

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The Chicago Bears must find a great left tackle in the 2023 NFL Draft

Standard thinking in the NFL is that if you want to ensure you have a great offensive line you get a great left tackle. Just imagine Bear fans the kind of damage that Justin Fields could inflict upon opposing defenses if his dynamic skill set was being enhanced and protected by a great offensive line. Fields with a great offensive line would mean the sky is the limit and the sky means a Super Bowl win for Chicago maybe even multiple Super Bowl victories.

In constructing this great offensive line we have the question of where Braxton Jones belongs in it. Yes, he has shown us he can be a very good offensive lineman. However, I do not believe anyone truly believes he can be a great left tackle. The Chicago Bears are in a position where they can draft one of the two left tackles in this draft who for a variety of reasons can become a great left tackle. Both can easily fall to them at the ninth pick. Of these two, I prefer Paris Johnson over Broderick Jones but a case can be made for either of them to be the best-left tackle in this draft.

I cannot embrace the idea that with his 32-inch arms, Peter Skoronski can become a great left tackle. I do believe, it is possible he can become a great guard and maybe even a great right tackle and quite possibly a good left tackle. The Browns former left tackle, Joe Thomas had 33.75-inch arms. He was a six-time first-team All-Pro and a ten-time Pro Bowler. However, I tend to believe if he did not have that extra 3/4 inch on his arms that Skoronski does not have that Joe Thomas does not garner as much post-season love as he got during his career.