How the Chicago Bears trading for this position sets up the perfect 2023 NFL Draft

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Will Ryan Poles find a way to trade down from nine?

Staying with the mantra that what is best for Fields is best for the Bears, this priority is attached at the hip to the belief that a great offensive line needs a great left tackle. Given these two factors, I conclude the Bears should not take the temptation to trade back a few picks.

This logic dictates they simply stay at the ninth pick and draft the best left tackle the Bears' brain trust believes is in this draft. Every Bears executive and coach should keep repeating the mantra over and over again, what is best for Justin Fields is best for the Bears. If this strategy/philosophy is fully embraced, the Bears will make the best decisions available to them this offseason and beyond.

I made my case for why the Bears should keep the ninth pick. However, this is not to suggest that anyone including myself would not at least be tempted to consider trading down. This matter of whether to trade down or not to trade down is Ryan Poles' most complicated decision at this point. From what he said at the NFL owner's meeting in Phoenix it appears he is reluctant to trade down but will consider it nonetheless.