How the Chicago Bears trading for this position sets up the perfect 2023 NFL Draft

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Finding a 3-technique would vastly improve the Chicago Bears in 2023

However, the Bears have a path to make a move that removes what is probably the main reason Ryan Poles is willing to consider trading the ninth pick. A few factors are conspiring to tempt Poles to trade his first pick. The likely number one temptation that probably is even more compelling than acquiring an extra pick is that his team needs either a very good 3-technique or a very good pass-rushing defensive end. Adding a 3T is probably a touch more of a priority than adding a very good pass rusher.

We were told by the Bears' head coach, Matt Eberflus, that a 3T is the engine that drives his defense. A 3T's main role in the Cover 2 defense is to consistently put pressure up the middle on the QB when in pass-rush mode. This is so the opposing quarterback cannot, easily, step up and out of trouble when the heat is on.

This role of the 3T in collapsing the center of an offense's pass protection sets up the rest of this defense to control offenses by making it easier for DEs to get a sack or rushing a QB into an INT. A prime example of the value of putting pressure on a QB up in the middle is this. The great Tom Brady's kryptonite was when pressure up the middle did not leave him any room to quickly, avoid close-by pass rushers.